Autumn 2019 

Springtime in the woods.

November and December 2016 pics.

Deers in september 2016.

Nightlife at saltcubes. Summer 2016.

June 2016. Juvenil male deer.           camera: Uovision

A lot of deers gathered around carrots. April 2016.


Eight tons of carrots per week.

December 2015.

December 2015.

Feeding place.

 Skinner at work.

Snowing at Christmas Eve

Nice whitetail catch in twilight. November 29th 2014.

Flock of seven gathered around beetroots and carrots.  September 27th 2014.

Hunting tower.

Velvet covers a growing antler. August 2014.

Eight-point whitetail buck was fallen 14.12.2013

December 2013 was unusually warm and there was lack of snow.

Happy hunter and a young gamekeeper.

Hunting towers.


Summer 2013.

Doe prefers apples and fawns like taste of salt.

An artificial mineral lick stone attracts deers during summer.

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